The New Workspace

People are never afraid to invest in new technology. It is a necessity for a competitive workplace. However, to be truly effective, technology has to interact with people. People with sore backs, tingling wrists and tired eyes can’t get the most out of technology, nor can they truly take satisfaction in their work. Comfort in the workplace is not a luxury, it is a life necessity. So how about investing a little in yourself? Here are the best-performing ergonomic elements on the market to bring comfort to your work environment in four critical dimensions:

Dimension 1 Sit Stand Desks - Why invest in a desk that just sits there when you can select one that can enhance your health? Variety is the key to comfort. By dividing your workday into periods of sitting and standing, you can improve spinal alignment, remain refreshed, and finish your workday with the stamina to enjoy life outside the office.

Dimension 2 Keyboard Trays - The original design of the typewriter keyboard existed to support the work of the machine not the person using the machine. Today’s keyboard still mimics that ancient design. To help protect your hands and wrists from numbness and tingling, they need to be properly aligned.

Dimension 3 Monitor Mounts - To keep the neck limber and the shoulders relaxed, your monitors must be at the right distance from your eyes and from the worksurface. We have models that can be adjusted continually allowing you to adapt as the demands of the day require.

Dimension 4 Task Lights - Good lighting helps the eyes focus more clearly with less effort. Reading speed and comprehension can be enhanced by a surprising measure. Even your mood and sense of wellbeing can be improved.

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