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So How Does Amer Compare to Ergotron?

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Disclaimer: All information on this page was provided by the supplier (Amer Mounts).

So what does this Mean? 

Price: The AMR3S Costs Less than the ALL comparable Peerless models!

Screen Size : The AMR3S is the only monitor that can hold 24" monitors, surpassing the Peerless model by 5"!
Amer is First in this regard.

Mass per Monitor: (The amount of mass that the mount can hold per monitor, in pounds.) 
When ensuring the strength of the Triple Monitor Mount, the AMR3S's Max Mass was more than double that of the test monitors! (22.5" and 7.85 lbs)
Amer is a close Second in maximum supported weight.

Maximum Height/Pole Height: With a pole based mount, a ring is attached around the pole to secure the monitor. 
The taller the pole, the higher the monitor can be. Amer's pole allows for a 13" height adjustment, much more than the Peerless mount.
Amer is First in Maximum Adjustable Height.

Tilt: (This is the amount of adjustment one can make to the positioning of the screen.) 
This is an incredibly important aspect when dealing with multiple monitors. Free angles provide a comfortable and productive work environment.
Amer is First in the amount of tilt provided as Peerless provides no tilt.

Rotation: (Basically, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.)
Amer is tied for First in Rotation Ability.

VESA Support: VESA is the standard of mounting holes in your monitor. All of the mounts are VESA compatible.
Amer is tied for 

Individual Monitor Adjustment: This is very important in a multiple monitor mount. If you have several different sized monitors and would like to adjust the height accordingly, or would like to angle your screens to a more acute or obtuse size (or even adjust for glare); with fixed tilt or no individual adjustment, this is not possible. 
Amer has an excellent range of adjustment and is therefore First in Individual Monitor Adjustment.

In summary, the AMR3S is a strongerless expensive product. 
We'll leave it up to you to decide which is better but there is a clear difference in quality, and adjustability.

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