Decluttering Your Workspace-Part 2

Having a messy desk can be a real pain. It’s hard to find what you need quickly, the clutter is a near constant distraction, and your professionalism can take a hit. Recently, we shared with you a few tips on how to supercharge the efficiency of your workspace.  

If you’ve already done the big stuff, like using computer monitor mounts to optimize your viewing experience and make more room, we salute you. But keep reading for 5 more tips on restoring the desk to peak proficiency.

  1. Maybe you really do have so much important stuff that it won’t all fit on your desk. If so, make your workspace bigger. Monitor mounts will raise the computer monitor and buy you more space, extra shelving can allow you to store vertically, and space under the desk can be used as well.
  2. Pegboard is a handy way to hide cables, routers and other items on the back of the desk. Magnets are a great way to hide supplies, and the back of the monitor is another solid storage spot.
  3. Just like people, all of your stuff needs a home. That home, however, is not on top of the desk. If it’s bigger than a breadbox, stash it in a drawer or canister.
  4. Just before you go home or stop working for the day, take 5 minutes to straighten everything up. When you let the desk stay messy, then there’s a problem. Plus, you’ll start every day with a clean workspace.
  5. When it comes to organizing, good enough is good enough. Don’t get hung up on perfect, just make things better.