Triple Monitors for Gaming: Pros & Cons

Are you a gamer? Regardless of whether you are hardcore or simply dabble a bit, if you play games on your computer this list is for you. Everyone deserves the best setup possible, no matter if you are storming a castle or set up in a long range sniper situation, more is better right? If you believe that, you’ll love the competitive advantage you can gain by using our monitor mounts to add additional monitors to your gaming station. In our past few blogs, we’ve looked at the advantages of a dual monitor setup for a variety of situations: in the office, in the recording studio, and at home. Today, we’re upping the ante. Two monitors is nice, but three is even better! Let’s take a look at the pros (and a few cons) of adding a third monitor to your gaming rig.


If you’re the type of person that likes to hear bad news first, you might want to skip ahead now. For the rest of you, let’s dive right in and take a look at what you gain from switching to a triple monitor setup. The advantages to adding a third monitor are numerous, but we’re going to focus on the biggest one:

Increased perspective

While all genres can benefit from a triple monitor setup, first-person shooters (FPS) arguable gain the most. If you aren’t sure what a FPS is, here is a brief definition: a first person shooter is any game where you play through the eyes of the main character. In other words, you see what they would see, exactly as they’d see it. There are other gaming genres that utilize the first person perspective, but shooters are the most prevalent. The main reason that a triple monitor setup works well for these games is that it increases your overall perspective within the game. You don’t even have to be looking directly at the second or third monitor to gain this advantage thanks to your peripheral vision. Put simply, your field of vision is three times greater than a player who playing with one monitor. You’ll see enemy players coming from the sides much sooner, giving you a crucial edge. For this reason, many competitive leagues are split into different divisions, based on the number of monitors allowed, to level the playing field. 


Nothing is perfect, and even a triple monitor gaming rig has its drawbacks. Here are couple of the downsides to upgrading your gaming computer to utilize three monitors:

Desk space

Using any of our triple monitor stands helps to minimize the actual desk space needed for three monitors. In the old days, you would need three times the desk space to use three monitors. Our mounts can support up to six monitors on a single base! That being said, you will still need the actual physical airspace to accommodate three monitors. If you have limited space, this may not be ideal, or even possible.

Initial investment

Depending on how powerful your computer currently is, you may need to upgrade your video card to be able to handle three monitors. To run the most resource-intensive games on a triple monitor setup, your video card needs to push out three times the resolution compared to a single monitor setup. Furthermore, you will have to purchase the additional monitors, and of course, the mount. Luckily for you, all of these things are more affordable than ever before.

Overall, adding a third monitor to your gaming computer is totally worth it, in our opinion. The advantages will last a lifetime, and the cons are mostly situational. Hopefully this blog has given you something to think about. Happy gaming!