Upgrade Your Conference Room!

The traditional office setup is swiftly becoming outdated as more and more offices transition to a distributed workforce. As a result, video conferences are becoming standard practice. While many conference rooms feature whiteboards and projectors, adding a wall-mounted monitor can streamline many presentations and makes including remote employees far simpler. If you’re contemplating adding a new monitor setup to your company’s conference room, but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth the expense, read on to see how this simple upgrade can make all the difference.

Eliminates the Need for Phone-Based Conference Calls

A large monitor mounted on the wall makes it possible for video conferencing to replace the more traditional telephone call. Splitting the screen allows you to include multiple people in the conversation. Rather than simply hearing your coworkers’ voices, you’ll be able to see their faces, read their reactions, and establish a more personal connection with your remote employees.

Streamlines Presentations

Using an HDMI cable, you’ll be able to connect the monitor to your laptop and use it as a second display for presentations, charts, and data during meetings. While a projector shows your mouse movements and projects exactly what’s on your screen, an additional monitor will allow you to stay in control of the presentation without worrying about what others are thinking when they see those adorable kittens on your desktop image.

Adjustable Angles

Our wall mounts are designed to let you customize your viewing angle. Traditional pull-down screens often catch glare and make it difficult to see the presentation. An adjustable monitor mount will let you position your screen so glare is not an issue.

Take the plunge and upgrade your conference room with a monitor wall mount from Monumental Mounts. We have the best articulating monitor wall mounts available at prices that can’t be beat! Browse our selection and order yours today.