AMR2ACWS | Dual Sit Stand Workstation Clamp Mount

$360.00 $500.00

Product Description

This Sit-Stand Desk Mount System provides an ergonomic solution allowing the
user to change the way they work throughout the day. The spring arm provides
the user the ability to move the workstation in various directions whether
it is up and down or side to side. The workstation module includes a sturdy
keyboard tray which can be adjusted to your ergonomic needs. The tray has a
built-in mouse pad which can be slid into place on either side of the
keyboard providing for mouse operation on the left or right side. There are
2 built in holders for a scanner and a mouse, allowing for organization of
the workspace. The 2 flat panel display mounts can be individually rotated,
pivoted, raised and lowered without changing the keyboard position. This
allows for a wider range of motion to accommodate different work

Highlights of the AMR2ACWS premium features:

1. Provide up to 436mm (17.27″) of smooth vertical movement.
2. Torque Adjust for both the Spring arm and Display weight.
3. Free swing, tilt and Pivot handling on display.
4. Designed for maximum utilization with desk corners and rear mounting providing more space.


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