Long Single Articulating Monitor Arm with Grommet Mount - AMR1APL


Product Description

This incredibly versatile articulating monitor arm supports up to 32″ monitors with a maximum individual weight of 22.1 lbs. Not only will this strong and sturdy mount have no trouble holding a VESA certified 75×75 or 100×100 monitors, (fitting the above criteria), it is also extremely adjustable!

• 360º rotation, meaning landscape, portrait, or anything in-between.

• Tilt and Swivel and Rotation is provided in 5 places ensuring maximum adjustability:

-  Swivel in the hinge: +/- 90º

-  Tilt in the hinge: +90º/-20º

-  Tilt in the arm: +65º/-30º

-  Rotation about the pole and main arm: 360º

• Height adjustable, with a maximum height of 19.63″ (from the desk to the centre of the mounting device)

• Extendable with a max horizontal extension of 24.1” from the rear edge.

This mount works with an innovative grommet structure, the best of both the clamp and stand bases. It takes up less space than the stand, has no overhang off the desk like the clamp. It is an excellent solution for your various mounting needs.

Grommet Mounts require the use of the cable management holes on desk or a hole to be drilled on the desk if no cable management holes are available or located in the desired position.

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