Arm Your Desk For Success

It’s finally time to trade in those boxes, old phone books or reams of paper stacked under your computer monitor, for some adjustable monitor mounts. They will allow you to maximize your workspace, and they’re good for your health!

What is a monitor mount?

An adjustable monitor arm allows you to adjust the height and angle of your computer monitor to your liking with ease.  They can be used with both sit-stand desks and regular office desk and easily attach to your workspace or wall. There are several types of monitor arms to choose from depending on your needs.

Why do I need a monitor mount?

There are many ergonomic advantages to using an adjustable monitor mount at your workspace. They allow you to easily place your screen at the appropriate height, depth and angle which will promote good posture and eliminate the need to strain or hunch over to see your screen. Straining can take a toll on your body over time, causing neck and shoulder pain, backaches, eye strain, and other pains that affect your physical well-being and even cause you to miss time away from work.

This comfortable working atmosphere can also help boost your productivity.  You will no longer have to spend a lot of time readjusting your workspace to see your screen better, since you can adjust the height and angle of your monitor quickly and efficiently depending on your workspace needs. This will give you more time to focus on work tasks, which will increase your efficiency.

In addition, if more than one person uses the same workspace, monitor arms allow for easy adjustments between each computer user, which would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) if your monitor was simply sitting on your desk. Monitor mounts are also great when working in restricted spaces.  They free up desk space and give you more room to work.  Plus, when you are not using your monitor, you can simply push it out of the way. Call us today and we will ship your mounts to your door free of charge.