What's The Best Way To View Your Monitor?

In today’s world, screens are all around us. We have screens we look at on our smartphones, screens for televisions, and screens for the computer monitor. There’s a lot to think about when we pick the right computer monitor. Size and resolution are a few of the big ones, but there’s one aspect that’s even more important in the long term.

Standard Monitors 

Back in the day, when you bought a monitor, it was attached to a standard base. This doesn’t allow for much flexibility. Now, a monitor mount is the smart choice to replace that base. Mounts provide a great deal more adjustment to the height, angle, screen rotation and tilt of the monitor itself. With proper placement, you’ll be able to reduce or remove common health problems like eye strain and neck and back problems.

Proper Placement 

First, make sure the monitor is placed directly in front of you. You shouldn’t have to turn your head to a great degree. If you use multiple monitors, place the most used one in the center. Ideal viewing distance is approximately 25 inches from your eyes. Don’t be afraid to increase the font size if reading proves to be a challenge. Proper height for the monitor is the center of the screen at about a 50 degree angle. You should never have to strain up or down to view it comfortably. Finally, for optimal viewing, be sure to slightly tip the top of the screen away from you.