Celebrate National Ergonomics Month With a New Monitor Mount!

October is National Ergonomics Month and Monumental Mounts is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a simple standing desk, or are looking to create a more ergonomic desktop setup, we have the monitor mounts you need to take control of your space, improve your posture, and reduce chronic pain associated with desk work.

What Can Good Ergonomics Do For You?

A proper ergonomic setup will reduce the amount of fatigue you feel at the end of each day. Your body is designed to be in motion throughout the day and staying in one position for hours at a time can lead to muscle stiffness and even pain. The more options you have to change up your position, the more your body can stretch, reducing the aches and pains you probably thought were a product of daily life.

Does a Monitor Mount Really Help?

If you’re spending hours working at a desk, you need your monitor to be at the right position. Otherwise, you’ll likely notice aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and even your low back. At Monumental Mounts, we have a number of adjustable single and multiple monitor mounts sure to suit any workstation. Our adjustable bases make it simple to raise or lower the position of your monitors.

Custom Solutions for Every Space

Whether you’re looking for a wall mount for multiple monitors, or an adjustable single monitor mount, we’re here to help. Browse our store today and explore your options. We’re confident that the right mount will make a difference in your comfort!