The Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

The Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

It’s estimated that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, and for those that work in an office setting, that likely means a majority of that time is spent sitting down. While of course it’s great to “take a load off” every now and again to rest your weary feet, if you spend too much time sitting down the repercussions can be taxing on your body and your overall health. Luckily for you, Monumental Mounts has a solution. Along with our wide variety of monitor stands and mounts, we have a selection of sit-stand workstation systems.

It’s likely that you’ve seen these workstations, whether on TV or around your workplace and wondered if it truly is that beneficial for your body and your productivity. After all, desk work has always required sitting, right? But there is a reason that more and more employees are getting rid of their old desks and upgrading to one that gives you options. In this post, we’ll bring up a few of the many benefits that these desks provide, and why your current desk just isn’t cutting it. For more information, feel free to contact us today, or make sure to browse our store now.  

Lower Your Risk of Weight Gain

Weight gain and obesity are a common problem these days. And combining easy to grab but unhealthy food with entire workdays of sitting are putting you at a much higher risk of gaining unwanted weight. While exercise is an obvious option for keeping your fitness in check, a sit-stand workstation is an easy and convenient way to lose extra calories throughout your day. By choosing to stand while you work, you’ll lose an additional 50 calories per hour. While this might not sound like much, if you only stood for two hours during your day then you’ll be losing an extra 500 calories during your five-day workweek, simply by standing at your desk!

Make Your Heart Happy

The thought that standing, as opposed to sitting, is better for your heart is not a new concept. Over 60 years ago, a study found that bus conductors who stood during their workday compared to those that sat in driver’s seats all day had half the risk of heart-related issues or deaths. These studies proved to be true and studies now show that an inactive and sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart issues by 147%. So not only will a sit-stand workstation help you lose weight, but provide you with a longer life with less risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Diminish Back Pain

Are you currently hunched at your desk reading this blog? If so, it’s likely that you suffer from back pain. In fact, back pain is a leading pain of office workers that sit at their desks all day. There have been multiple studies that confirm that sitting for a prolonged amount of time will lead to pain in your back. Luckily, the solution is simple with a sit-stand desk! The results are almost immediate and just by standing a few hours out of your day will significantly decrease this pain!

Improved Mood = Improved Productivity

So, if by utilizing one of our sit-stand desks helps you lose weight, reduce heart problems, and help with your back pain, don’t you think you’d be in a better mood? Without these issues, you’ll be feeling happy, pain-free, and healthy! It’s been shown that a happy worker is a more productive worker, so no matter what you do for a living, it’s likely that you’ll be more efficient during your day! Sure, it might take a little bit of time for you to be comfortable with the switch, but before you know it you may be standing even more than sitting!

Taking a Stand for Your Health

So what are you waiting for? Improve your quality of life and your quality of work through a sit-stand desk! Remember, you have the option to sit or stand depending on how you feel, and our workstations make this transition fast and easy!

At Monumental Mounts, we’re proud of the mounting solutions that we provide our customers. Not only do we offer these incredibly beneficial sit-stand workstations, but also wall mounts, monitor mounts, projector mounts, and more! Our products will help you clear up work in your workspace, offer ergonomic benefits, and, in general, make your work life that much easier. We’re firm believers that just because our mounting systems are of the highest quality, doesn’t mean that they should dent your bank account, so we offer our mounting solutions at the most competitive prices on the market.

If you would like more information about the sit-stand workstations that we offer, or any of the other mounting products in our store, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Take a stand (or a seat) and improve your workspace today!