Improve Your Office with a Standing Desk!

If you work at a desk for hours on end, chances are you’re intimately familiar with that sore lower back and stiff shoulders. Many people are switching to standing desks, choosing to increase their physical activity while being kind to their body. While you may think a standing desk is an expensive investment, our sit-stand combination wall mount is an affordable alternative to the typical seated desk. Standing desks offer several distinct benefits over the standard desk.

Reduces Back Pain

Switching from sitting to standing throughout the day has been shown to reduce lower back pain. When you stand, your posture changes and your muscles that were tight when you were sitting have a chance to release and relax. Keeping your muscles loose and letting your body switch positions is key to reducing pain and stiffness.

Increases Energy

It’s easy to become so relaxed while sitting in front of your computer that you start to drift into daydreams or become tired. When you stand, you subconsciously focus on balance and engage your core stabilizing muscles. Shifting from foot to foot can increase blood flow, and increase your energy as you work.

Encourages Movement

Standing desks, when used correctly, allow you to shift your weight as you work. Rather than staying still, you can move around, keep your back loose, and over time, burn those extra calories. While you probably won’t see a huge reduction in your weight, every little bit of calorie burn can go a long way towards helping you maintain your ideal weight.

Changing your position throughout the day can dramatically increase your productivity and your energy levels. Rather than being relegated to standing or sitting all day, our sit-stand combo workstation allows you to change up your position, keeping your body loose and your focus sharp. Order your desk today and take control of your workspace!