Should You Rotate Your Monitor?

Widescreen monitors have largely replaced the clunky box monitors of ten years ago. While they’re particularly useful for avid movie watchers and for streaming videos online, they are not without their downsides. However, what most people don’t know is that many of these widescreen monitors can be flipped. Here are a few benefits of flipping your widescreen monitor into a vertical position.

  • Rotating your monitor will reduce the amount of whitespace on the page when you’re surfing the web. The visible page is longer, and can fit more text onto the page. Rather than seeing those wide columns of background color at the side of your article, you’ll see more images and text in one glance, reducing the amount of scrolling you’ll have to do on a page.
  • Writing and editing is easier on a vertical screen. When you rotate your monitor, you’ll be able to see the whole page at once without scrolling down or reducing the zoom on your screen. This will prevent eyestrain, makes it easier to compare edits between paragraphs, and makes keeping track of your outline or thoughts far simpler.
  • Vertical displays free up space on your desk. Vertical monitors are taller, thus taking up less horizontal room in your workspace. 
  • You’re not stuck with this orientation. If you have a rotating monitor mount, you can always change the orientation if you decide to stream videos or work on photo editing projects where a widescreen display would be beneficial.

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