Build the Best Gaming Setup!

Gamers often spend hours at a time sitting at their desks, playing through rounds and rounds of the game. The most experienced gamers will tell you that their desk setup makes all the difference. A cramped or inefficient setup will impact how well you play the game, and can determine how long you’re comfortable playing in one sitting. Here are a few tips to help you setup the perfect gaming desk.

Mouse Space Matters

Unless you’re playing a touchscreen-based game, you’ll need space for your mouse. While the traditional small mousepad is okay for those just starting out, more serious players opt for larger mouse space and an oversized mouse pad. This gives you the freedom to move the cursor all over the screen and lets you maintain a comfortable position for your arm and wrist without sacrificing the accuracy of your actions. Depending on the type of mouse you use, you’ll either want a soft or hard mouse pad, but this choice is really a matter of preference.

Monitor Choice

Finding a good monitor with a high refresh rate is key to running long campaigns and reducing eye strain. A higher refresh rate will keep the image on the screen from stalling or pausing as you move, improving overall gameplay and graphics quality. Even a high-powered graphics card can’t help your monitor with a slow refresh rate. Further, the right monitor will allow you to improve your reaction time to scenarios in the game. The lower the amount of lag, the faster you’ll see obstacles or enemies in your path.

All Keyboards are Not Created Equal

While you’re probably fine to keep using the keyboard that came with your computer, you may want to upgrade to a nicer model. Many gaming keyboards have more responsive keys, more hotkey features, and often include backlighting, making it easier to game in the dark so you can better enjoy the graphics and gameplay without light pollution. Many gaming-specific keyboards are designed to keep your wrists in an ergonomic position, reducing discomfort after hours of gameplay.

The Right Seat

Desk chairs make all the difference in improving your gameplay. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable throughout the day. Finding a chair that puts you in the right ergonomic position will let you play longer without pain. Choose a chair the right size for your height and look for one with built-in back support for maximum comfort. If your budget allows for it, consider getting an adjustable desk that lets you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the game session.

Monitor Stand

Leaving your monitor on the stand it came with may work for a while, but a serious gamer should look for a better monitor stand to improve the monitor position. Monumental Mounts offers stands for single or multiple monitors, letting you decide what type of arrangement works best for you. Our stands are fully adjustable, so you can customize the height of the display to suit your needs. If your desk space is limited, consider using our wall mounts, and hang your monitor over your desk to free up space. This will let you make the most of the area you have without taking up unnecessary space.

At Monumental Mounts, we want to help you make the most of your desk space. Our products are designed to give you reliability and functionality at a fair price. Browse our selection and order your monitor stand today!