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Ditch Your TV!

Life in a studio apartment can feel cramped. Trying to create a dedicated work area can be nearly impossible for most people juggling a roomful of furniture, televisions, and lamps. Add an extra monitor for your small laptop to the mix, and you’re looking at one very tight living space. While we understand the importance of having a central screen in your living room where you can easily watch movies and television, you might want to ditch your television! Why Ditch the TV? While televisions used to be the only way you could watch movies and network channels, that is no longer the case. The internet now makes it possible to stream  shows, movies, videos, and music from almost any...

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Build the Best Gaming Setup!

Gamers often spend hours at a time sitting at their desks, playing through rounds and rounds of the game. The most experienced gamers will tell you that their desk setup makes all the difference. A cramped or inefficient setup will impact how well you play the game, and can determine how long you’re comfortable playing in one sitting. Here are a few tips to help you setup the perfect gaming desk. Mouse Space Matters Unless you’re playing a touchscreen-based game, you’ll need space for your mouse. While the traditional small mousepad is okay for those just starting out, more serious players opt for larger mouse space and an oversized mouse pad. This gives you the freedom to move the cursor all...

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Multiple Monitors for Freelancers

The economy is shifting and freelancers are taking over the workforce. While the needs of freelancers vary based on their areas of expertise, we believe everyone can benefit from having a better desk set-up. The benefits of adding an extra monitor to your desk seem to grow every day. Here are a few of the reasons we strongly recommend that freelance workers should have at least two screens. Simplify Meetings Video chats have revolutionized the remote industry, allowing freelancers to take clients across the country without regard to geographic proximity. While a single monitor will let you have an uninterrupted video chat, you’ll find it far more difficult to view other programs during the meeting. Notetaking, examining contracts, and multitasking...

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