The Benefits of Home Projectors

TVs just keep getting larger in size as technology improves. However, the larger you go, the more expensive the TV is. While it was possible, and common, to have a home theater set up with a simple projector, many people have put aside the humble projector in favor of large-screen 4k TVs with more features than a smartphone. We think it’s time for the home projector to make a comeback. Here are a few of the benefits to adding a projector to your living room.


If you like seeing all the details in your video games, but feel like the quality of your gaming experience is limited by the size of your display, a projector can easily take your gaming to the next level. Instead of a 36-inch monitor, you can have a display across an entire wall of your home. Feel like you’re actually part of the game by displaying the action with a projector in your home.


Adding a ceiling mounted projector to your entertainment area will let you create a true theater-like experience right in your living room. Many projectors are equipped to display high definition movies and can easily be connected to your DVD or Blu-ray player. This will allow you to view theater-quality movies in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a blank wall, a comfy seat, and a bowl of popcorn!

Reducing Eye Strain

The larger the display, the less strain you’ll place on your eyes. When you make a picture larger, but don’t increase the overall brightness of the display, you’ll be able to enjoy watching TV and movies without experiencing that characteristic eyestrain. Additionally, you’ll feel more involved in what you’re watching because the display places you closer to the action.

Adding a projector to your home’s entertainment lineup can transform your living room into a home theater and gamer’s paradise. Take a look at our projector mounts and order today!