Challenges of Working With Multiple Monitors

At Monumental Mounts, we believe that everyone can benefit from the right monitor mount. While multiple monitors are a great way to increase productivity, they may not be the right solution for everyone. Before you rush out and buy a second monitor, consider the following challenges.

Not All Computers Are Compatible

While our mounts are compatible with nearly every flat-screen monitor, not all computers are compatible with multiple monitors. Always make sure your operating system can support two or more screens prior to setting up your display.

More Monitors Means More Graphics

With one monitor, standard graphics cards can still keep up with display demands, but they may struggle when you add an additional display to the mix. This means a standard card may cause your computer’s display to struggle with high frame-per-second graphics and can cause jumpiness in video games. Check with the manufacturer of the graphics card to see if it can keep up with the demands you’ll be placing on it. Otherwise, you may want to upgrade your card before adding an additional monitor.  

Multiple Monitors Need More Space

If you’re working on a small desk, space may be at a premium. While we have a variety of mounting solutions, some desks are simply too small to accommodate more than one monitor. Take measurements of your desk to get a rough idea of how much space your monitors will take. If it’s too small, stick to one monitor or consider adding a vertical mount.

Whether you’re looking for a single monitor mount or a quad-mount, Monumental Mounts has the right system for your workspace. Browse our selection of monitor mounts today and find the perfect solution for your desk.