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Ditch Your TV!

Life in a studio apartment can feel cramped. Trying to create a dedicated work area can be nearly impossible for most people juggling a roomful of furniture, televisions, and lamps. Add an extra monitor for your small laptop to the mix, and you’re looking at one very tight living space. While we understand the importance of having a central screen in your living room where you can easily watch movies and television, you might want to ditch your television! Why Ditch the TV? While televisions used to be the only way you could watch movies and network channels, that is no longer the case. The internet now makes it possible to stream  shows, movies, videos, and music from almost any...

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Good Posture Matters!

Spending hours sitting at a desk, working, gaming, or surfing the internet, can take a toll on your body and your health. Monumental Mounts wants to make this experience easier with our full line of adjustable monitor mounts and stands. The more adjustable your monitor, the more comfortable you’ll feel sitting at your desk. Rather than settling into one less than ideal position, you’ll be able to arrange your workspace to accommodate your ergonomic needs and maintain a good posture. What is Good Posture? Good posture keeps your muscles relaxed and your body in its natural alignment. This will differ from person to person, but in general, most people are thought to have good posture when their chin is parallel...

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Challenges of Working With Multiple Monitors

At Monumental Mounts, we believe that everyone can benefit from the right monitor mount. While multiple monitors are a great way to increase productivity, they may not be the right solution for everyone. Before you rush out and buy a second monitor, consider the following challenges. Not All Computers Are Compatible While our mounts are compatible with nearly every flat-screen monitor, not all computers are compatible with multiple monitors. Always make sure your operating system can support two or more screens prior to setting up your display. More Monitors Means More Graphics With one monitor, standard graphics cards can still keep up with display demands, but they may struggle when you add an additional display to the mix. This means...

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