Ditch Your TV!

Life in a studio apartment can feel cramped. Trying to create a dedicated work area can be nearly impossible for most people juggling a roomful of furniture, televisions, and lamps. Add an extra monitor for your small laptop to the mix, and you’re looking at one very tight living space. While we understand the importance of having a central screen in your living room where you can easily watch movies and television, you might want to ditch your television!

Why Ditch the TV?

While televisions used to be the only way you could watch movies and network channels, that is no longer the case. The internet now makes it possible to stream  shows, movies, videos, and music from almost any device. Today’s computer monitors can easily connect to your laptop or existing desktop with a single cable, offering higher-quality images than many affordable televisions produce. Best of all, modern flat-screen monitors can easily be mounted to the wall, saving you space and condensing the number of screens you need to have in a small apartment.

Use What You Have!

You probably already have a pair of external speakers as well as a spare HDMI cable lying around. Just hook up your wall-mounted monitor the way you normally would and watch streamed television from the comfort of your couch! Since you already have that flat screen computer monitor taking up space on your desk, you won’t have to acquire any additional equipment. Your monitor will be out of the way, mounted on the wall, and safe from any accidental damage.

At Monumental Mounts, we want to help you take control of your small space. Our high-quality wall mounts make creating more space simple and will keep your monitors secure, whether you’re mounting a single monitor or hanging multiple monitors for the ultimate gaming experience. Browse our collection today and order your monitor mount!