Multiple Monitors for Freelancers

The economy is shifting and freelancers are taking over the workforce. While the needs of freelancers vary based on their areas of expertise, we believe everyone can benefit from having a better desk set-up. The benefits of adding an extra monitor to your desk seem to grow every day. Here are a few of the reasons we strongly recommend that freelance workers should have at least two screens.

Simplify Meetings

Video chats have revolutionized the remote industry, allowing freelancers to take clients across the country without regard to geographic proximity. While a single monitor will let you have an uninterrupted video chat, you’ll find it far more difficult to view other programs during the meeting. Notetaking, examining contracts, and multitasking are virtually impossible to do on a single monitor. Adding a secondary monitor allows you to keep your projects visible on one screen while continuing the conversation on the other.

Easy Editing

If you’re rewriting an article or trying to compare different layouts for your website, having multiple monitors makes it possible to compare multiple options at full resolution at the same time. This allows you to better decide on the right design, or to track changes made to a press release.

Use Your Laptop with Your Desktop

Rather than leaving your laptop to take up space on your desk, you can mount it next to your existing monitor and use it as a second display. This helps clear up your desk while maximizing your productivity.

If you’re interested in taking the next step in streamlining your work process, browse our collection of dual monitor stands and mounts.