Outfit Your Teen's Desk for Success

Summer is over and the school year has officially begun for most high school students. Getting your teen back into the right frame of mind after a summer of relaxation and video games can be a bit of a challenge. The last thing you want to do is see them struggle to complete assignments and research, and each year, the assignments seem to get more challenging. Set your student up for success with a dual monitor mount for their desk.

Can multiple monitors really help?

As your teen progresses in high school, the length and breadth of their research assignments will increase. They’ll be expected to combine library research with digital journals and online databases in order to complete assignments. On a single monitor, it can be difficult for your student to view both their research and their notes at the same time, making it harder for them to complete the assignment quickly and efficiently. A dual monitor setup will allow them to keep their research pulled up on one screen while taking notes on the other.

Won’t it increase distraction?

While it will make video games easier during your teen’s downtime, it will likely increase productivity while they’re doing homework. Rather than having to switch windows constantly in order to take notes on new research, they’ll be able to move more quickly, completing tasks in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a single monitor. Best of all, our monitor mounts are fully adjustable for your student’s height, so they’ll be comfortable as they work at their desk.

Monumental Mounts proudly carries a wide selection of dual and triple-screen mounts for every workstation. Whether you’re looking for a wall mount or need a pedestal mount for your desk, we have the right selection at the right price. Order your dual monitor mount today.